Educators to Iceland FAQs

Educators to Iceland FAQs

IMG_0620 - Copy

Blue Lagoon: A naturally heated pool. Note swim-up bar, and restaurant (on left) where we’ll be eating dinner together on the first night in Iceland. Geothermal power station is in the background.

Scroll down to the comment section to see if your question has already been answered. If not, post your question. It will be answered within 24 hours. 

20 Responses to Educators to Iceland FAQs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the cost include airfare?


    • Yes, the cost includes airfare from Newark, New Jersey. EduTrips is getting us a group rate. If you will be flying from a different destination, or arriving/leaving at a different time, contact EduTrips and they’ll give you a price minus the airfare.


  2. Erin says:

    Do you know if there are any scholarships or grants available for this?


    • Sorry, no scholarships or grants from this end. However, you can take Educators to Iceland as a 3-credit course through San Diego University (see additional information page), so it may work toward a pay increase for you (depending on your district). SDU will soon be offering a companion course, “Teaching Climate Change in the NGSS Classroom” for 2 more credits. This course will be a self-paced online course. That could give you 5 credits toward salary advancement! Note that EduTrips has spread out the payment plan to make it less painful. It’s an expensive country, but EduTrips is getting us good group discounts.


  3. EAF says:

    Hi, I run a green schools program and am not a formal educator myself but run workshops and PDs for teachers. Would this trip be for me?


  4. Valeria says:

    I’m an Italian science teacher… Can I apply?


    • Hi Valeria. If you are teaching about climate change and Earth’s systems you’re welcome to apply. If you will be flying to Iceland from an airport other than Newark, you can talk to EduTrips about adjusting the price of the trip to reflect the fact that you will be taking care of your own flights.


  5. Anonymous says:

    What is the cost of the trip?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Will there be children in our group?


    • NO!!! Oops. I mean, sorry, no chidren. Teachers need to focus on themselves during this trip: intellectual growth, classroom strategy discussions with like-minded professionals, physical exercise outside every day, beautiful scenery, and lots of good food.


  7. Anonymous says:

    My significant other isn’t an educator. Can he still join us?


    • No, sorry. This is a fieldtrip for educators teaching Earth’s Systems (the interactions among the atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere), and geology; and Language Arts teachers who want to incorporate science into their nonfiction reading lessons; and those who teach educators. However, you could arrange to have your significant other meet you in Reykjavik after the trip. 🙂


  8. Anonymous says:

    What if I don’t have a passport? Can I still register for the trip?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Can I earn college professional development credit for this course?


  10. Anonymous says:

    When will the trip take place? How many days will we be in Iceland?


    • The trip is July 11-19, 2018. You’ll leave the USA on the evening of July 11, and arrive in Iceland the morning of July 12, tired but happy. You’ll leave Iceland the afternoon of July 19, and arrive back in the USA the afternoon of the same day.


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