What Should Adults Do?


We can do a lot to slow down climate change, but so can adults! Sometimes they just need a friendly reminder….

Ruby and friends in the United States tell adults “Give us hope!” You can sing along!

Give us hope. Global warming’s a problem.

Can you see? Look at the air!

Can you feel? The temperature is rising!

Give us hope, and kids’ll show you the way!

Help stop global warming and create a good future for kids around the world!

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Michael USA

MIT Global Warming Nicky

Letter to Nicky USA from the president of MIT, an American university.


SG Meeting

American students from Cottage Lane School meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at United Nations Headquarters in New York to encourage him to keep working on getting countries to reduce their air pollution and slow down climate change.

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What do YOU think adults should do to help slow down climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below!

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236 Responses to What Should Adults Do?

  1. Andrew USA says:

    Ask your parents if you could put up solar panels on your house if you don’t have them already.


  2. Nina USA says:

    I think adults should try to put more solar panels on there houses because it saves more energy.


  3. Ronan USA says:

    All adults can get an electric car instead of a gas car.


  4. Sabrina USA says:

    I think that adults and kids should always recycle when they can because any little bit saved of paper or plastic makes a difference for the earth, and helps it when you do.


  5. mia usa says:

    I think adults should be doing so much more than they already are doing. i think if each and every adult starts helping the enviroment i think it would make a drastic change in globe warming.


  6. Nick USA says:

    Electric utilities and multinational oil companies produce most energy, but it is individuals who consume it in their homes, offices, and cars. We can reduce this if we turn down temperatures in our house. The best way to reduce climate change is most likely to recycle because it save so much carbon dioxide and water!


  7. Eliana USA says:

    Adults can start helping to day.Not only kids can help slowing down climate change so can adults.If us kids influence our parents to help they can tell their family and friends to help earth a well.So then every one can spread the word to help our earth.If we start now then we can all have a better future.To help slow down climate change we can take buses to work and school.We can not use as much fossil fuels.We can also recycle so the factors dont have to burn as much fossil fuels for just one can of soda or a water bottle.


  8. Christofer USA says:

    The adults need to help us to show that our earth is healthy and does not have many major problem for the environment and the ecosystems so adults would use something else to drive other than a car that burns up fossil fuels and when we grow up we will be the grown ups and help the earth.


  9. Benjamin USA says:

    Adults could do a lot to do a lot to slow down climate change. They could do the regular things that kids do and also do harder things like build wind turbines. Adults can help!


  10. Jude USA says:

    I Hope So Too. I Hate It When I Go Somewhere And Trash Is Everywhere, Or When I See People Littering.


  11. Sofia USA says:

    I think adults should do more composting in their homes. If they do, then it will help fertilize the ground, which is good for the environment. Plus, some of them might have kids. Getting kids to compost gets them also caring about the environment and they might grow up trying to help the environment too.


  12. Nate USA says:

    Adults can do alot of things to help . One way is to use LED light bulbs.They use less energy, are inexpensive,
    and last longer than a regular light bulb. Adults can also use hybrid cars. Instead of burning fossil fuels, they run on electricity. They can also buy energy-star products. Energy star are items that are energy efficent approved by the government.


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