HOPE for Earth

Hope for Earth

All over the world, I’m seeing signs of hope for our Earth! Are you?!

People are recycling at home, at school, and at work. They are looking for clean energy that doesn’t pollute our air.

Kids are helping grown-ups understand the importance of changing their old-fashioned habits to good habits that protect the air, land, and water.

Join the conversation on Kids Against Climate Change.

Tell other kids what you are seeing. Kids just wanna have HOPE for a good future!

Click on the photos below. Then submit one of your own!

Do you have evidence that people have hope for Earth?

Send your photo to me at kchristieblick@sandiego.edu.

I will add it to our collection on this page.

Sending the photo gives me permission to post it on the Internet.

Ms. Christie-Blick, former teacher at Cottage Lane School.

Now an instructor at University of San Diego and

Independent Climate Change Education Consultant.

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