What Do Kids Know?


Here’s your space to talk to kids from around the world.

By sharing what we know about climate change we’re all helping each other have a brighter future. Isn’t that a good idea?!

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Holly USA

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Catie USA created a Stop Motion video to remind kids to keep Planet Earth clean.

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Holly USA

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Ally USA

What do YOU know about climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below! You have two choices:

  1. Leave a comment. Type your comment or question in the box at the bottom of this page.
  2. Reply to kids’ ideas. Click the reply link under their comment. You can agree or disagree with them – just explain why!

Use your first name only. Use your country instead of your last name (surname).

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What can kids do?

201 Responses to What Do Kids Know?

  1. Faye and Emma, Kilkenny, Ireland says:

    In Ireland when we build new house nowadays there are solar panels built on the roofs. Through our solar panels we heat our water in our homes.


    • Emma USA says:

      That’s awesome! America is trying to do the same thing as well. Also, my name is Emma 🙂


      • Faye and Emma, Kilkenny, Ireland says:

        there are about 25 class rooms in our school and it would be a good idea if we got solar panels on our school roof.


    • Daniel and Patrick USA says:

      Nice to know people in Ireland use solar panels too. In America people use solar panels too. Instead of using them for our water we use them so that power plants don’t have to produce so much carbon dioxide.


  2. Kyle and Michael, Kilkennny Ireland says:

    At the moment in our school each class has to run 140km collectively. We run a little each day and add up our distances. We want people to walk, run and cycle more.


    • ShayanUSA says:

      I think its great that around the world people are helping to slow down climate change. It’s really cool that each class has a certain goal to reach. Its amazing that that you run, walk, and cycle over 140km. How many days did it take you to achieve that goal?


  3. Conor and Johnny, Kilkenny, Ireland says:

    We had a mild winter. It didn’t get very cold. Our climate seems to be getting warmer. We get a lot of rain and in recent years there has been a good few floods. That has caused lots of damage like roads have been washed away. We would like people to take care of our world like walk more instead of using the car. We try to recycle as much as we can.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nature is good


  5. Abbie and Megan, Kilkenny, Ireland says:

    We have compost bins in each class room, we use compost to grow vegetables & fruit in our school garden


    • Gabe USA says:

      That’s a really good idea! I’ve never thought about that before! I think we should start doing that too!


    • Nolan U.S.A. says:

      That’s great, Abbie and Megan! That is a great way to help slow down climate change! If each class has a compost bin that is a lot of trash being reused to help plants grow!


    • Hannah USA says:

      Wow that is amazing! In a America we don’t have those in our school. Our school should really start. Thanks for the idea Abbie and Megan. We are so happy you have started to go on this blog.


    • Emma and Daniela USA says:

      I wish we could have a compost bin in our classroom too.


    • Ciara U.S.A says:

      that is really cool Abbie and Megan. I’ve seen your garden it looks really good.


  6. Jane and Ellie ,Kilkenny, Ireland says:

    In Ireland we have to pay a 70c fee for a plastic bag in supermarkets , which puts people off buying and wasting plastic bags. It encourages us to use re-use bags. Most people bring their own shopping bags with them. Our mothers keep shopping bags in the boot of their cars.


    • Ciara and William U.S.A. says:

      that is cool that it encourages you to use re-useable. They are debating on that fee in America, too. For us its 5 american cents. I hope they put the law into action here. It really helps the enviorment.


    • Jake USA says:

      That’s amazing because here, in the US, people are thinking to put a fee on plastic bags. I as well think the fee is important to re-use bags and save the Earth. Its cool how Ireland has that!


    • Daniela USA says:

      I believe that New York should have a policy just like that it would reduce so much waste, because here in America loads of people do not think about the Earth while going shopping.


    • Bella And Sofia USA says:

      In New York USA we are still debating if we should still put a fee on plastic bags. But I think we should to help the environment and save our planet. Also its a smart idea to put your bags in the boot of the car. We like your comment and hope you comment on other pages.


  7. Jay and Mikey, Kilkenny, Ireland says:

    Here in St Canices primary school we Have a green flag meaning we recycle and reuse materials and we use compost .We have a green flag flying in the front of our school and we have walk to school days called ‘WOW’ Walk on Wednesdays.


    • Olivia USA says:

      That’s great. Recycling is helps a lot. Also its good you have to walk to school, it helps too. I walk to my school a lot.


      • Mikey and Jay Kilkenny Ireland says:

        Its great to hear what you had to say Olivia.Thanks for the feedback.I live about two kilometres away from our school . How far away do you live?


    • Olivia USA says:

      Thats great, Recycling helps a lot. And it’s good you walk to school, it helps too. I walk to school almost everyday


  8. Paddy and Seán, Kilkenny , Ireland says:

    bord na móna hear in Ireland have a waste to energy plant


  9. Liam USA says:

    Using bikes instead of cars. Bikes do not have gasoline. They will not pollute the air. We could use bike aisles. Not everybody will get an aisle to themselves. There will be a few aisles and people can go in a line. There can be little road blockers that show the line that you’re in. The highways will change into bike lanes. And the normal roads will work the same except there will be no line aisles on those because they’re pretty small and you’re not going really fast. And there could be a timer. It could count down from 100 so every minute, we could take a rest. And then it would beep and then it will show a check mark. Then you start riding. Every minute you can take a break, but you don’t have to take a break.


  10. Hannah and Olivia USA says:

    We are learning a lot about climate change in science class. We learned that we can use less cars, and instead ride bikes, walk ect. We learned that we can ride bikes because cars are using way too much CO2 and riding our bikes is polluting NO CO2 into the air. Maybe next time you go to your friends house you can ride your bike, and stop global warming!!!!!


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