What Can Kids Do?


Ok, so now that we know about climate change, what are we going to do about it?!? Here are some ideas!

American 5th graders show lots of ways to reduce air pollution to slow down climate change.

How kids can take action against climate change.

Evan TFK global warming letter

Letter to Evan USA from Time for Kids editor. Click to enlarge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Letter to Max USA from President Obama. Click to enlarge.

American students show the importance of recycling at school.

Sofia USA

One-Use Plastics kchristieblick@socsd.org

5th Graders in the United States created a pin for servers at local restaurants to wear.


American fifth grade students meet with New York Assemblywoman Jaffee to discuss climate change.

5th graders perform their original music composition, telling the story of climate change. With thanks to Kasia Witek for filming at the school assembly.

What are YOU doing to help slow down climate change?!?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below! You have two choices:

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What should adults do?

192 Responses to What Can Kids Do?

  1. Eliana USA says:

    Kids should ruse reduce and recycle so we can slow down climate change. My family and I started recycle this year and now we are helping the earth . We can do this to all work together to slow down climate change and work hard and spread the word.


  2. Jude USA, NY says:

    I Think That Its Very Important To Keep Our Earth Green And Clean Because We Don’t Have Anywhere Else To Go If Earth Is Destroyed By Climate Change. We Can’t Stop Climate Change, But We Can Delay It For A Very Long Time. Every Light You Turn Off, Every Charger You Unplug, And Every Person You Inform Puts Us 1 Step Closer To Saving The World.


  3. Christofer says:

    there is a major problem for what would kids do when they need to recycle but some kids (the ones who are confused or might not care) would not recycle. So adults should teach kids or kids should teach adults to help our world not be a factory full of fossil fuels being burned up. We would like to have more recycling bins and people that could tell kids to recycle and have them a better future and they could do the same like telling them ways to recycle (like turn of lights, use water bottles that could not waste plastic water bottles) this is what kids could do.


  4. MIchael USA says:

    Kids can do a lot to slow down Climate Change. One of the most important things kids can do is recycle. Another thing kids can off is turn off electrical appliances, just this year I started turning of my power strip at night.


  5. Sam USA says:

    Kids can do a lot to slow down climate change. We can recycle paper items and put plastic in the green bins. We can buy reusable water bottles so less plastic bottles will be used. And factories will use a lot less fossil fuels to make plastic bottles.


  6. Alek USA says:

    it is very important for people to turn of the lights that they are not using. your whole neiborhood should be doing this because one person wont make a big change but many people will make a HUMUNGOUS change


  7. mia USA says:

    it is very important for kids to get started on recyclig and reducing there carbon foot print becuase they will get started on a better future also its important for kids to start now becuase autults now are one of our main problumes in climate change and if the kids start taking care of our earth in now, the future it wount be as bad as it is now


  8. Calum USA says:

    It is very important to recycle.when we recycle we save many tree and other materials so they don’t go to waste.When we recycle,they can transform all the dirty materials to new materials for people to use.


  9. Benjamin USA says:

    To help climate change, you can reduce, reuse, and recycle. My family recycled forever, and it really helps the environment. Recycling will help!


  10. isabella U.S.A says:

    Recycling is so inportant to our earth if we dont recycl than our earth will become a giant land fill and most plastic dosnt decompose for a wile.and when the anything decomposes it will relece a gas called methane methane is a gas that adds to our problem.


  11. Lilly USA says:

    Kids can do a lot to help slow down climate change and help the Earth. They can recycle, use reusable water bottles, and so much more! They need to know that by doing this, they will help everyone have a better future


  12. aidan usa says:

    it is vary important to recycle and buy reusable items so we can slow down climate change


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