What Do Kids Know?


Here’s your space to talk to kids from around the world.

By sharing what we know about climate change we’re all helping each other have a brighter future. Isn’t that a good idea?!

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Holly USA

kids against global warming Maya USA

Catie USA created a Stop Motion video to remind kids to keep Planet Earth clean.

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Holly USA

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Ally USA

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What do YOU know about climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below! You have two choices:

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What can kids do?

531 Responses to What Do Kids Know?

  1. Ben USA says:

    Hi, Ms. Christie Blick, you are the greatest teacher ever. I hope you’re having fun in Australia. I miss you. Ps. Middle school is fun, and the protesting for climate change looked amazing.


    • Thanks, Ben! I miss you too! Glad to know all is well at SOMS. Australia is beautiful, and thousands of people showed up for climate marches around the country. Keep talking to people about slowing down climate change. Remember: Work hard. Play hard. And live life to the fullest!


  2. Jaywon USA says:

    The ice in the Arctic is growing ,and the ice in the the Antarctic is melting, but over all the ice is melting!Hi Ms. Christie-Blick


  3. Lucas M USA says:

    We should slow down climate change because it will help get rid of pollution in the air which will lead to cleaner air and that means a lot of animals can be saved


  4. Gabi USA says:

    I think something kids should do to help Climate Change is to turn of the lights when you are watching TV. And plus, You can see the TV better when you turn of the lights! (For me.)


  5. Amelia USA says:

    Global warming is the worst it effects mostly everything like the more we use gass in cars the more polar bears are loosing there homes which is why there going extinct with so much other animals that live in cold climates.
    Also climate change is affecting are every day lifes! Like drowts which lead to heat waves and millions can die from heat waves. Also with drouts farmers cant grow crops so towns woulnt have food!


  6. Ailish USA says:

    Now I understand even more about climate change. When you use your car CO2,carbon dioxide, comes out of it and it polluts our air, and when the polluted air go`s into the water (with all the fish in it) the water gets polluted and all the fish die. When the weather gets hotter it melts the ice, and to make the earth less, hot we need the ice so the sun beams can reflect off the ice and wont cause global warming. Try to use your bike or walk or anything aspeshaly if its a short distance and maybe u can plant a tree or something to help climate change.


    • Gabi USA says:

      I like what you said at the end about how we could help climate change by trying to use your bike or walk especially if it is a short distance and that maybe we could plant trees or something. Something that I know about climate change and global warming is that it could cause terrible heat waves that could kill thousands of people. It can also kill coral by not being able to photosynthesize.


  7. Francesca USA says:

    Climate change is a big and bad thing going on around the world. Animals are dying, ice is melting, and areas that are normally cold are getting warmer. Think about the animals. Polar bears are becoming vulnerable,with all the ice melting polar bears are having a hard time surviving. Think about the ice. With ice melting areas are flooding BIGTIME, and that is effecting humans. Think about the weather. With areas getting warmer ice is melting, and animals are getting extinct. Climate change is something we need to fix and fast!


    • Emma USA says:

      Climate change is a horrible horrible thing happening in our world at this time. I agree with you animals are dying, ice is melting, and areas that are normally cold are getting hotter. This is very bad for our world and us KIDS can change this. Air pollution is also very bad for our world, so always try to use an alternitave like a bike or walk sometimes. You don´t always have to do it but maybe just sometimes so that YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE!!!!!!


  8. David USA says:

    This is what I know about climate change. When the ocean´s heat up the sun hits the surface. As the ocean heats up it forms water vapor. That is now the ocean makes hurricans. Areas will have heavery rainfall and be more fequent because the hotter the ocean the more water vapor, the more rain. The effect of having standing flood water stay in a area for days is pools of standing water becomes breeding grounds for very bad disesiecarring mosquotoes and other bugs. Ice is melting, the Earth is warming up, because of air pollution. Kids care about their future.


    • Jacks. USA says:

      I like how you included the fact where standing flood water is in one place for a long time it can become a breading ground for bugs a bad stuff like that to me I can relate to that with my cousin pool after we take the cover of it is bad and disgusts me it is so bad.


    • Maria. C. says:

      That was a good point you made about Climate Change. I like how you put a lot of information in this whole paragraph about Climate Change, and how hurricane start to happen all around the world today. I also like how you put in rainfall because of the warm ocean.


  9. Phel@n USA says:

    Just this morning I saw my Dad turning his car on and I saw all of the air pollution coming out of the back of his car and I told him what harm that was doing to the world but he told me to get into the car there are so many ways to harm the world but some we don’t even know yet! But there are some ways to help out. One way to help out the world is to ride your bike more often and try to use your car less.


    • Nina USA says:

      I liked how you talked about something that happened to you, I did the same thing with my dad, but he said ¨Wow, I didn´t know that, I will take more thought to that next time.¨ and me and my sister love to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, instead of by car.
      I learned that one way to help climate change is to turn of lights when you don´t need them because when you use your lights less it saves electricity. Another way to help is to use less water like taking shorter baths and showers, don´t keep the water running when your brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. Another way is instead of using plastic items like straws, plastic bags and, plastic water bottles, use things like reusable straws, or no straws at all, paper or reusable bags, and reusable water bottles. Another way is to recycle in any way you can, the bins are there for a reason.


  10. Ben USA says:

    I know that climate change is very harmful to our environment. Us as humans are responsible for what happens to our earth, whether its rising oceans, flash floods, wildfires, ocean acidification, or droughts. No one person can stop these things, but as a team we can accomplish more than we think. Also, all of these effects lead to more bad news. Ocean acidification will lead to poisoned fish, and from there it gets worse. Fisherman will lose money, and communities that rely on fish will starve.


  11. Jaywon says:

    Climate change is very bad for our econemy.It is also bad because it is causing more poison ivy which puts more carbon dioxide in to the air.Furthermore the glaciers are melting which cause sea level rising more flooding and more people dying.We are also making our planets environment and a lot of animals in danger.WE need to save our planet!


    • Andrew USA says:

      i like how you menchand more than 3 reasons why we should stop climate change and global warming. here is some additional information about this. did you know that over 1,000,000 animal species are in danger and if we keep releasing CO2 into the air, then all those animals will die and imagine a world without 1,000,000 animal species on this planet.


  12. Ferenc USA says:

    I think we should stop polluting so we can slow down climate change. We can’t stop climate change so we might as well slow it down. If we use our cars less and use a bicycle instead if you need to go a short distance like 2 miles for instance the earth will get warmer slower, instead of faster. Burning fossil fuels are a great way to speed up climate change, if you switch to solar panels you will cause less pollution.


    • Eve USA says:

      We should slow it down because of the extinction of the animals is speeding up.There is 22,000 polar bears right now but in 30 years there will be less then 7,500 scientists predict. There are alot of animals that are dying so fast we have to slow it down or your favorite animal could die you will not be happy at all. Instead of cars and trucks we should walk of bike if it is not a long ride to where you are going because you are just putting more CO2 into the air that is killing animals.


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