What Should Adults Do?


We can do a lot to slow down climate change, but so can adults! Sometimes they just need a friendly reminder….

Ruby and friends in the United States tell adults “Give us hope!” You can sing along!

Give us hope. Global warming’s a problem.

Can you see? Look at the air!

Can you feel? The temperature is rising!

Give us hope, and kids’ll show you the way!

Help stop global warming and create a good future for kids around the world!

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Michael USA

MIT Global Warming Nicky

Letter to Nicky USA from the president of MIT, an American university.


SG Meeting

American students from Cottage Lane School meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at United Nations Headquarters in New York to encourage him to keep working on getting countries to reduce their air pollution and slow down climate change.

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What do YOU think adults should do to help slow down climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below!

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174 Responses to What Should Adults Do?

  1. Alek USA says:

    I think kids should inspire more adults to help the Earth. Adults can ride bikes with there family rather than drive a car. Cars put carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) into the air. This is super bad for the environment . I hope more people try to help the Earth.


  2. Josh U.S.A says:

    Grownups could help the environment to not only kids. In the morning grownups could take the bus instead of using a car. It would help the environment a lot because there is a lot of people on buses and you are not only driving by yourself. If that many people on buses drove there car a lot more carbon dioxide would be in the air. Adults could also ride a bike instead of driving there car everywhere because that doesn’t put any carbon dioxide in the air.


  3. Judy USA says:

    I think that adults should buy solar panels for their homes because solar panels produce energy and save money. When you buy solar panels they help make energy. Adults should try and do a lot of things to slow down climate change because kids can’t do everything and there are a lot of things that adults can do that kids can’t. Also, adults can influence kids to help slow down climate change.


  4. Oscar USA says:

    I think that if adults listen to kids more then global warming will stop more faster. I think this because if adults build anything that is solared powered we will waste less energy. Also they can build wind turbines to make there own energy without just wasting electricity. Also if adults know they they can tell other people,instead of kids telling because then they might think that this is a joke.


  5. Sam USA says:

    I think we can use bamboo instead of other metals for items that we own. Bamboo grows very fast. It can grow to its full length in a single growing season. Also, it is a weed, weeds spread very fast so bamboo would be very easy to grow. Bamboo is also almost as strong as steel. Bikes are being made out of it. When we forge metal or iron we use fossil fuels, but cutting bamboo uses no fossil fuels and it doesn’t take any mining or hard labor. This is why I think bamboo is a great idea!


  6. Jude USA says:

    Adults Can Get Jobs That Help The Enviroment, Such As Solar Panel Installation Companies, Electric Car Companies, And Companies That Make Enviroment-Friendly Tech.


  7. Lilly USA says:

    Adults can do a lot of things to help stop climate change. They can use LED lights. LED lights don’t use mercury like other lights which is better for the environment. Adults can also drive their cars less. CO2 comes out of a car when you drive it. If CO2 gets into the air that means more air pollution. That’s not good for people or the environment.They can also recycle. Recycling uses less power by reusing materials so it takes less energy to make stuff.


  8. Michael USA says:

    For one adults can, donate to charities that are working to help save the earth. Another thing they can do is switch out incandescent lights for fluorescent or LED ones. They can also recycle and use ethanol in their cars. They can buy hybrid cars, unplug appliances when they’re not being used, instal solar panels, and use biodiesel in their cars.


  9. Jordyn USA says:

    i think that if adults listen to kids. most kids know more than adults and i more people work to slow down climate change more people will want to help the world.


  10. Cleo USA says:

    I think adults should build wind turbines. Wind turbines use green energy so you don’t have to burn fossil fuels. When factories burn fossil fuels, it releases a powerful greenhouse gas called carbon dioxide, when this gas gets into the air, it helps speed up climate change. However, wind turbines use green energy, so you don’t have to burn fossil fuels. Same thing goes for solar panels. We need the adults help so we can have a brighter future.


  11. Alexandra USA says:

    Adults can start helping today. Not only kids can help, so can adults. If we can get a lot of adults doing stuff to help Earth, they can influence other kids to help save Earth, so if you have a lot of kids and adults helping it will actually make a change. I hope adults can continue helping our Earth to make it as beautiful as it once was.


  12. Anabel USA says:

    All kids and adults should know the damage they are doing if they don’t recycle, or if they litter. It’s up to us to decide our future


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