What Do Kids Know?


Here’s your space to talk to kids from around the world.

By sharing what we know about climate change we’re all helping each other have a brighter future. Isn’t that a good idea?!

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Holly USA

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Catie USA created a Stop Motion video to remind kids to keep Planet Earth clean.

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Holly USA

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Ally USA

What do YOU know about climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below! You have two choices:

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  2. Reply to kids’ ideas. Click the reply link under their comment. You can agree or disagree with them – just explain why!

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What can kids do?

298 Responses to What Do Kids Know?

  1. Eliza USA says:

    Climate change has to stop. Climate change is killing animals. Animals are dying because the Earth is getting to warm. We are also polluting way to much. The ice is melting, then the Sun will have nothing to reflect on. The earth will get even warmer than it already is. We are putting so much carbon dioxide into the air, by cars, factory’s,electricity. The more carbon dioxide in the air the hotter the Earth gets.


  2. Freya USA says:

    Global warming is terrible. Global warming causes ice caps to melt, animals and plants to die off, bad weather, and less ice cores. Ice caps reflect light and heat, so when they melt the heat is absorbed into oceans and land. When heat is absorbed into oceans and land, it makes the overall temperature of the Earth hotter. Animals and plants die off because of climate change because they can’t adapt to the climate. Animals habitats also get destroyed sometimes. For example, animals who live in arctic home is melting. Bad weather is caused too. For example, Hurricane Sandy and all the fires in California. The ice is melting, so glaciologists will make less ice cores, and learn less about the past. In conclusion, global warming truly is horrible.


  3. Lukas USA says:

    I know that climate change is when Greenhouse gasses are trapping the light and heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. The Sun admits rays of heat and light. They go to the Earth, and some heat gets absorbs by land and water, but some heat bounces off ice, or other stuff, and the heat that has bounced off goes back to the sun. On it’s way back, some heat gets trapped in the atmosphere by greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses are gasses like carbon dioxide and methane, which trap heat.
    But in the past 200 years, since the start of the industrial evolution, cars, and factories have been releasing too many of these gasses. The greenhouse gasses are trapping more and more heat, and therefore the climate is changing.


  4. Gabbie USA says:

    I know that factories can cause climate change. I know this because the pollution that comes out factories warms the air. Climate change can also be caused by emissions. Emissions are gas or radiations. I also know that greenhouse gases affect climate change. Over 200 years ago was the Industrial evolution when factories started polluting the air.


  5. Sidney USA says:

    We are releasing too much CO2 into the air. WE ARE CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! All of us! We should help by using less electricity. A way to do this is to turn off the lights when we are done using them so that we burn less fossil fuels. We should also ride our bikes and walk more often. I walk home so that my parents burn less fossil fuels and release less CO2 into the Earths atmosphere. All of the CO2 is making the greenhouse gasses and trapping our precious sunlight in the atmosphere causing our Earth to heat up. This is very important. In class, we are writing a letter to the governor (andrew m cuomo) and trying to have a meeting with him about this. We as kids, need to know this for our future. Get ready greenhouse gasses, HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Cora USA says:

    It’s a good thing we’re getting incontact with Governor Cuomo for him to help us and for us to help him make Ny a better enviorment increase and then we can make america great again. We can help NY kids future won’t go down hill.


  7. Sean USA says:

    Global warming is causing ice caps to melt which is causing 2 things. Polar bears habitats to melt and the earth to heat up even faster! But we can slow it down. By using electric cars instead of ones that use gasoline:) And us kids want to have a good future so stop polluting cause we don´t like it!


  8. Kerry USA says:

    I know that Carbon Dioxide is very effective to our earth. Climate change causes animals to go extinct. Factories, cars and much more causes climate change. We can not stop climate change but we can slow it down. Us kids have a whole future ahead of us and if we keep polluting it will cause climate change.So if we want to have a future we have to slow down now. When climate change speeds up, more ice will melt which will cause animals to loose their homes. We can slow down climate change by turning off light’s when we leave a room and more.


  9. Kayla USA says:

    Climate Change Is a very important issue for the world. All around the globe, fossil fuels are being burnt to create energy. With all the pollution in the air, the Light and Heat from the Sun get trapped on Earth, making it a lot warmer than it already is. The Light and Heat that is trapped on Earth melt the ice. The ice reflects the Light and Heat out of the atmosphere. Without the ice, the regular ground would absorb the Light and Heat. That makes the Earth warmer. Since the climate is changing so quickly, animals would probably go extinct since animals would probably not be able to adapt to the heat and die, not being able to reproduce.


  10. Griffin USA says:

    I know that the glaciers and ice is melting. the glaciers and ice are melting so the sun won’t be able to reflect off anything so the land and ocean will absorb it. Also animals that live in the arctic are losing their habitat because the ice caps are melting. Also if we lose the ice than we could not read ice cores because the ice would be melted..


  11. Sean.C USA says:

    what i know about climate change is how the carbon dioxide is polluting the air so the climate is getting higher and more bad weather is coming.For example cars and factorys are polluting the air


  12. justin USA says:

    Climate change is very important because if we don’t act fast the climate will rise to high and the icecaps are melting so the polar bears are going extinct and the sea levels are rising so there are more massive floods and wilder weather.


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