What Do Kids Know?


Here’s your space to talk to kids from around the world.

By sharing what we know about climate change we’re all helping each other have a brighter future. Isn’t that a good idea?!

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Holly USA

kids against global warming Maya USA

Catie USA created a Stop Motion video to remind kids to keep Planet Earth clean.

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Holly USA

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Ally USA

kids against global warming(1) sml


What do YOU know about climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below! You have two choices:

  1. Leave a comment. Type your comment or question in the box at the bottom of this page.
  2. Reply to kids’ ideas. Click the reply link under their comment. You can agree or disagree with them – just explain why!

Use your first name only.

Use your country instead of your last name (surname).

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Comments are moderated, so there may be a delay before your comment appears below.

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What can kids do?

523 Responses to What Do Kids Know?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    We can do tiny things!


  2. Yagiz says:

    We can close factorys. we can turn off the lamps


  3. Jasmine says:

    This is good that kids have information in their brains. And I have ideas what to do: Adopt a plant, use bus, turn off lights after you use, dont stay too long in bath, if its possible you to use energy bulbs please change them, if you go to picnic or to beach and its dirty try to clean up, and if you have Eco team at your school join it. These are what kids could do about climate change 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    Earth is a sick because in earth’s atmosphere is sooooo much CO 2. We need factory filters and electric cars. 😦


  5. Ada says:

    When I am going to the playground I ride a bike


  6. Elif says:

    We can do tiny things!


  7. Kaya says:

    I know that we can help to the planet. We can use solar system, we can walk or ride a bike to the school or anywhere, we are finish using the lights we can close the lights…


  8. Alya says:

    We use the electricity car


  9. Elif says:

    We can do tiny things for example:we can plant trees,we can ride bikes


  10. Paige says:

    I know that we can help the planet by walking to school.


  11. Mavis Canada says:

    WE should all do something no matter if big, small, medium sized, or if seems like it wouldn’t matter if did it at all!
    We should all participate in our life greener, and brighter for all generations to come.


  12. Mavis Canada says:

    Climate Change is hurting everyone around the globe! And the only people who want to do something about
    it, are the Green Party, I mean yeah Justin Trudeau SAYS he’s going to do something, but does HE mean it?


    • Poyraz TURKEY says:

      Hello,I like your text. I’m writing this on a IPad in school. The Negative energy use is Sending CO2 To air. The over heating may make humans extinct. Not Humans only! All the living creatures may be extinct due to us.


    • Lina Turkey says:

      Mavis you are so amazing. I have read all of your comments you are a real life hero love from Turkey keep the work up


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