What Should Adults Do?


We can do a lot to slow down climate change, but so can adults! Sometimes they just need a friendly reminder….

Ruby and friends in the United States tell adults “Give us hope!” You can sing along!

Give us hope. Global warming’s a problem.

Can you see? Look at the air!

Can you feel? The temperature is rising!

Give us hope, and kids’ll show you the way!

Help stop global warming and create a good future for kids around the world!

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Michael USA

MIT Global Warming Nicky

Letter to Nicky USA from the president of MIT, an American university.


SG Meeting

American students from Cottage Lane School meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at United Nations Headquarters in New York to encourage him to keep working on getting countries to reduce their air pollution and slow down climate change.

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What do YOU think adults should do to help slow down climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below!

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236 Responses to What Should Adults Do?

  1. MARIA USA says:

    I thinks adults should use Solar panels and not turn-off lights it is just burning coal.


  2. Rian USA says:

    Adults should reduce their use of things like air conditioning and water when not needed. When you keep these things on the factories that use energy to make it, and it costs money so adults should reduce their use of these things.


  3. Annabelle USA says:

    One thing adults should do is to use solar panels. Then, power plants don’t have to produce as much energy.


  4. JOSEPH USA says:

    Adults should also help to stop climate change because our future is at stake here are some ways adults could slow down climate change and global warming buy energy efficient light bulbs that use less electricity when turned on, adults should also try to use electronics less often because it takes a lot of power to charge electronics. New york state should use more wind power because wind power does not put CO2 in the air.


  5. Kaiva USA says:

    If adults can, they should install solar panels and get hybrid cars. If they can’t, then they could turn off lights when not needed and bike more. Mabye the state could have more bike renting places and get solar panels for energy.


  6. Gabi USA says:

    What I think adults should do to help Global Warming slow down is to turn of the lights when there is no need because it costs money and you could use that money for other things. For example, you could use it for going on vacation!


  7. Brady USA says:

    One thing that adults should do is plant trees. This is important because trees absorb CO2 and they let out oxygen that we breathe in. So the more trees we plant is important.


  8. Jack USA says:

    There are a lot of ways adults can slow down climate change, my favorite way adults can slow it down is using putting solar panels on your house.


  9. Laura USA says:

    I think that adults should try to communicate with people in power in order to spread the message to stop Climate Change.


  10. Eve USA says:

    Adults should buy solar panels to put on the top of their house.


  11. Jessica USA says:

    Adults should help the earth as much as kids do. Adults should plant more trees! Not cut them down! SAVE THE TREES!


  12. Adrian USA says:

    My best idea for adults is that they should either make laws about slowing down climate change or that they could convince other adults to help.


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