What Should Adults Do?


We can do a lot to slow down climate change, but so can adults! Sometimes they just need a friendly reminder….

Ruby and friends in the United States tell adults “Give us hope!” You can sing along!

Give us hope. Global warming’s a problem.

Can you see? Look at the air!

Can you feel? The temperature is rising!

Give us hope, and kids’ll show you the way!

Help stop global warming and create a good future for kids around the world!

img268 - Copy

Michael USA

MIT Global Warming Nicky

Letter to Nicky USA from the president of MIT, an American university.


SG Meeting

American students from Cottage Lane School meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at United Nations Headquarters in New York to encourage him to keep working on getting countries to reduce their air pollution and slow down climate change.

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What do YOU think adults should do to help slow down climate change?

If you’re a kid, join the discussion below!

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236 Responses to What Should Adults Do?

  1. Edward Ghana says:

    Climate change affects all


  2. Anonymous says:

    They can stop having cars and they can start riding bikes ore waking ore mabey yous a tesla


  3. Anonymous says:

    Greta Thunberg said ‘I want you to panic.’ By these words she is right. We need to stop global warming fast. We only have 9 years until our changes can’t be changed. We need to stop greenhouse gases emissions its not that hard. There are other ways then greenhouse gases. WE NEED TO STOP


  4. Ashmita USA says:

    after working dont just sit next to the tv or computer. Turn it off.


  5. Giuliana says:

    I think they should save electricity and instead of using the light they should open the window


  6. :) says:

    Adults could stop idling in the drop off and pick up lanes


  7. Anonymous says:

    Use paper bags.


  8. Lauren USA says:

    Adults can do a lot of things to help planet Earth! They can carpool, so only one car pollutes the air rather than a few. They can also think about solar panels!


  9. Amelia USA says:

    Adults should get solar panels so less fossil fuels are not used as much.


  10. robert usa says:

    my favovorite idea was to put up solar pannels


  11. Emma USA says:

    Adults can do a lot, such as putting solar panels in your house if you do not have them already!


  12. Alex USA says:

    Adults can use energy efficient light bulbs and adults can walk or ride a bike instead of a car in where your going is close. Adults can also buy re-usable things.

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